About MIWS

MIWS born from an idea and illusion able to make a NEW SWIMSUIT uniting comfort and fit some designs full of color and style.

A NEW SWIMSUIT, because is made in one piece of tissue and is adjustable, both patented features. And it provides a fitting and unmatched comfort.

It is manufactured in Barcelona with the best tissue for the manufacture of swimsuits, the most durable, 100% chlorine resistant, soft and elastic. It is fully lined for more comfort. Materials and manufacturing 100% European.

Our designs, full of color and style makes them more attractive. Our team of designers with Raquel Hevia in front inspired by the light and color of our city, Barcelona, to make our collections, based on countries and cities of the world, in the best artists of all time, in geometric designs that are full of light and color, in those designs that could tattooed and in teams from clubs as countries.